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Rudi and Chips


The brown dog is Rudi.  Rudi was born on 3/09/2006 and joined us on 5/09/2006.

Rudi is an English Bulldog / Boxer (we think) mix.  

The black dog is really a mutt.  We think maybe a mix of Dachsund and Black Lab, but that's a "stretch".

His name is Chip or Chips or Mr. Chips, whatever you prefer.

He was born on 6/09/2006 and came to Birdsong Lane in mid-February 2007

Bailey along with Rudi and Chips

This is Bailey.  Bailey was born in August 2008 and came to Birdsong Lane in October 2008.

Chips and Rudi and Bailey have become real buddies.

The tuxedo cat is Scampi.  The gray cat is Ashley.  They were born in 1998.

The little brown & black one with a bushy tail is Patches, born about 9/2005.

The cats are seldom outside, now that the dogs have reign over Birdsong Lane


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